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Types of Insurance

Long-Term Care

  • Provides funds for the assistance of persons who can no longer take care of themselves.
  • Pays for assistance whether it is provided by a home health care professional or in certain circumstances a family member
  • Policies are available for individuals or groups
  • Access to all of the leading Long-Term Care Insurance carriers.

Life Insurance

Provides for an immediate payment to the beneficiary(ies) of the policy upon the death of the insured in exchange for a series of payments (premiums) or a single payment.


There are many types of Life Insurance products available. I can assist in determining the correct plan for your needs.

We deal with companies that offer a wide range of plans including Term, Term with Return of Premium, Universal Life, and Single Premium Whole Life.

Health Insurance

There are a number of factors we can assist you with in determining your needs and deciding upon a health insurance plan. I can assist you in determining your needs and explaining the various policy options and costs.


For Individuals and Families prior to coverage being committed by the Insurance company and application including health history is submitted and reviewed by the Underwriting Department. Often times this entails obtaining medical records from medical professionals. The Underwriting process can result in coverage being denied, coverage being granted as applied for, coverage being granted as applied for with a modification or increase in premiums.


For groups with a minimum of two full-time employees health insurance is available on a guaranteed issue basis regardless of any health issue that may be involved. Corporations with two full time officers not receiving a "draw" or not on a regular payroll may also be eligible for guaranteed issue policies without regard to any health issues.


Individual and Group Plans available include:

Preferred Provider Organization Plans (PPO) - These plans are typically available with a Deductible. Some limited amount of coverage can be available to the insured prior to the satisfaction of the Deductible. For other services a Deductible must first be met. The insured is offered access to member healthcare providers at a preferred rate as a result of their PPO coverage.

Health Savings Account and Health Reimbursement Account - These are new accounts recently approved by Congress. Health Reimbursement Accounts are now only offered for group plans. Health Savings accounts make available plans that typically have lower premiums because of their higher Deductibles, but also offer tax benefits to the individual and /or family that were not previously available until this year.

Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) - These plans are defined as a prepaid health insurance plan that entitles members to services of participating physician, hospitals, clinics and other healthcare providers. These plans may or may not have a Deductible, but it is typically smaller than Deductibles of PPO plans. Coverage is typically covered by a preset amount of Co-Pay. A Primary Care Physician (sometimes referred to as a "Gatekeeper" and is responsible for the care of members assigned to him or her and is responsible for approving and assigning the member to see a specialist.

Health Savings Account Compatible Plans (HSA's) - These plans were established by Congress in 2004. These plans are an excellent way for individuals and businesses to get better control of their premiums. Individual HSA plans afford an Individual or Family the opportunity to: (A) Reduce Premiums, (B) Reduce the Maximum-Out-Of-Pocket liability of most other Individual or Family plans and (C) Offer potential tax benefits authorized by the federal legislature. For more information on Health Savings Account Plans Click here.

Disability Insurance

Provides income payments to the insured wage earner or businessman when income is interrupted or terminated because of:
  • Illness
  • Sickness
  • Accident

Payment is offered for Partial or Total Disability

Other factors:
  • Duration of Benefits
  • Elimination period - Waiting period until benefits start
  • Pre-existing conditionals
  • Recurrent disability

Medicare Supplement Plans

Policy designed to act as a supplement to Medicare. Pays additional benefits not paid by Medicare primarily in the form of payment for Medicare Deductibles and amounts over and above some Medicare limits on dollar amounts and/or length of time covered.

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